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How do you build wealth?
By mapping your money!

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I help women learn to love money so that they can live a financially free, balanced, good life.

I can help you build the wealth you need to feel independent, secure, and happy. Discover my secrets for creating a healthy, feminine, empowering relationship with money.

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Falling For Money

A truly great romance novel will turn you on, and that’s exactly what my book will do – turn you on to a better way of being in relationship with money. It’s a love story about wealth, one that will teach you how you can have a lifetime affair with money. I’ll provide proven strategies for making it, talking about it, and ultimately creating a wealthy life with it. If that isn’t sexy, I don’t know what is!

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Let’s free ourselves from the fear and shame we, as women, feel about money and replace it with love. By working together and talking candidly about finances, we can grow our businesses and enjoy lives we love.

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I take this show on the road, sharing my story and my secrets for financial success. I’d love to learn more about your event.

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Empowering women begins with empowering girls. That’s why I am donating a portion of my proceeds to GENaustin. I support GENaustin’s efforts to guide young women on their journey to adulthood.